We are collecting 2-4 minute best practice teaching ‘vlog’ tips

and suggestions for all types of learners!


What do you think is essential for teachers and parents to remember when teaching children? Please share any suggestion or teaching tip that you feel is important for us adults to remember when teaching to the whole child. It can be a best practice that you would like to share or anything that you think interested teachers and parents will benefit from hearing.

Teachers and parents need to hear helpful reminders regarding teaching to the whole child.Sometimes, we forget that education is more than just teaching information; it about building healthy learning practices that inspire learning, provide foundational learning skills and strengthens the whole child. 

You can submit, separately, as many teaching topic vlogs that you like.

We want to hear from you! These short educational vlogs are dedicated to focusing on teaching to the whole child. Examples include:

  • How to hold a pencil.
  • What type of lined paper is best to use at what age?
  • The connection between nutrition and learning.
  • Suggestions for teaching conflict resolution.
  • The importance of play, sunlight, and exercise. 
  • How to read to your child and build comprehension.

We will share the most helpful and inspiring teaching tips, maybe even yours! 

Your educational vlog may inspire another teacher or parent to remember or try a new teaching idea or technique.  

We can't thank you enough for being willing to contribute. Your suggestions and ideas matter, and we want to hear from YOU!

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If you have any issues with submitting your post, please email us at info@literacyaccessproject.org to receive support.

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